Central Pennsylvania Alternative Metal

Originally conceived as a heavy rock cover band in September of 2015, Green Hill Drive eventually evolved into an original alternative metal act. Green Hill Drive is based in Newport, Pennsylvania, where 4/5th of the band grew up and attended high school.

In May 2017, d.Man and Matthew Huss tried their hand at recording a song from scratch, and within two hours had finished “Special Place in Hell,” a heavy rock song with an anti-terrorist theme dedicated to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.

This lead to a 6-month long process of writing and mixing 68 demo songs to allow for gig consideration.

In early 2018 Green Hill Drive began playing their first, all original, set lists at shows and private party gigs with great reception.

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Check out our unmastered demos, released early from our recording sessions for our debut LP, Insignificant Life. Garage recordings combined with an all-digital studio at its heaviest.